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I'm a hard-working freelance editor and novelist with many books to my name, published by large and small presses -- everyone from Harlequin to Dorchester to Sourcebooks to Bancroft Press. And I have some indie-pubbed books to my name, as well. I've won some awards for books, been an Edgar nominee for a teen mystery, and have a film option on one novel. I write women's fiction and romance mostly, but do have teen mysteries on my back list. I also offer editing services to authors -- everything from light copy edits to more comprehensive developmental edits. References are available upon request. A major publisher employs me as a regular copy editor, and I used to edit for a small independent press, even making recommendations for manuscript acquisitions. Contact me at LibbyMalinSternberg (at) gmail (dot) com. Check out my books at

For editors: It’s not your book

As a freelance editor, I’ve done everything from light copy edits, fixing grammar, style and usage, to more extensive developmental edits, where I make suggestions to the author on how to improve her story and characterizations. Through all of these … Continue reading

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Authors, don’t give away your age

I’m a woman of a certain age. I’ve been writing and working in publishing for…mumble, mumble years, and I’m happy to be in a creative field that provides me with such an enduring sense of fulfillment. Many authors are like … Continue reading

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Writing sex scenes in the MeToo era

There’s a reason romances are sometimes referred to as “bodice rippers.” For many years, they were filled with alpha male characters aggressively taking what they wanted, even if what they wanted was the trembling heroine. We live in a time, however, … Continue reading

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To Tell Your Story, Learn Style Rules

Creativity trumps all. If you have a creative, imaginative, compelling story to tell, you’ll find an editor who wants to buy it and readers who want to snatch it up. But if you want to control that story, to tell … Continue reading

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“Replace All” should have flashing warning lights

Imagine you’re writing a tautly plotted detective story, and your tough-guy PI’s name is Stephen “Sting” Raye. Imagine your beautifully crafted tale has lines like this in it: He saw the setup. He could spot it a mile away. He … Continue reading

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How much activity to describe

Noting continuity issues is a big part of a copy editor’s job. Not just timeline continuity, making sure the author stays true to the days of the week or any mention of time passing, but also continuity within one scene. … Continue reading

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Testimonial from bestsellng author Courtney Milan

“Libby is fast, meticulous, and detail-oriented. I highly recommend her as an editor.” —Courtney Milan, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author.

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